Brita Maxtra Pro Limescale Expert Water Cartridge 3 Pack 1050913



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Brita filtered tap water not only tastes pure and fresh, but also reliably protects kitchen appliances from limescale, helping your kettle and coffee machine last longer. Brita is a sustainable alternative to bottled mineral water and also super convenient. BRITA provides you and your family with freshly filtered water and will give you fuller flavoured, better tasting cold and hot drinks. Innovative 4-stage filtration with ion exchanger pearls and natural activated carbon from coconut shells. Specifically useful in regions with hard to very hard water, the MAXTRA PRO limescale expert reduces limescale +50% more effectively than the Brita MAXTRA PRO All-In-1 cartridges and reduces taste-impairing chlorine and metals like lead and copper. All BRITA cartridges are recyclable.

Brand Brita
Colour White
Form Water Filter Cartridge
Manufacturer BRITA GmbH
Type Kitchen Accessories